Remote Desktop Security

Remote Desktop Gateway Security Considerations
Hello everyone! My upcoming book on Remote Desktop security will be released in a few weeks, and I’m posting some excerpts/topics from the book here [...]
Brute Force RDP Hacking Is a Lot More Sophisticated Than You Think
In my last article, I showed you some of the most frequently targeted usernames for brute force RDP attacks on one of my RDP honeypot servers in Azure. Not [...]
My RDS Honeypot in Azure – Usernames Susceptible to RDP Brute Force Attacks
By now, word is out among admins that if you stand up a Virtual Machine in Azure or AWS and open up port 3389 to allow RDP access for administrative or [...]
Remote Desktop Gateway Login Failure Auditing
Hello again everyone! I’m releasing a book on how to secure your Remote Desktop Services infrastructure this year, and I’ll be posting some [...]
Remote Desktop Services Logon Failure Correlation with New Tool
Our new Tool, the RDPSoft RDS Log Viewer, tracks and correlates each remote desktop services logon failure and successful logon. In an earlier post about [...]
Adjust RDP Permissions With Brand New Free Tool – RDSConfig
RDPSoft’s New Free Tool, RDSConfig.exe, Allows You To Adjust RDP Permissions Granularly Greetings again, everyone. Last year I wrote a blog article [...]
Auditing Remote Desktop Services Logon Failures (Part 1)
UPDATE APRIL 2018 – I just released a tool that automatically does the logon failure correlation discussed in the below blog post. Click here to read [...]