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July 7, 2016 - Remote Desktop Free Tools

One of the biggest criticisms of Remote Desktop Services on Windows Server 2012 has been its general lack of manageability. The first thing RDS admins notice is the disappearance of TSAdmin. Now, in order to manage RDS on Windows Server 2012, you must use the RDSM (Remote Desktop Services Manager) component embedded inside Server Manager. However, the RDSM component will not work in workgroup deployments of RDS, and it also requires specific roles (e.g. the Connection Broker) to be deployed in order to work properly. Even then, the UI can be clunky to work with and in larger collections, does not scale well.

For RDS admins coming from a Windows Server 2008 RDS deployment who used to use TSAdmin and TSConfig, the differences around management techniques could not be any starker, and in general frustrates them to no end. Look no further than the Remote Desktop Services Forums on Microsoft’s TechNet site if you don’t believe me.

Remote Desktop Commander Lite, from RDPSoft, is a free TSAdmin replacement for all RDS deployments

Free TSAdmin Replacement - Remote Desktop Commander Lite

Full disclosure: I am the CEO of RDPSoft.

Given all of the turmoil around RDS management options in Windows Server 2012, I have decided to make Remote Desktop Commander Lite free for all users, whether they use it for commercial, personal, or non-profit use. By doing so, this solves a lot of problems for admins dealing with the limitations inbuilt to RDSM in Server Manager. For instance:

For complete information, including feature lists, screenshots, a demonstration video, and a download link, please visit the Remote Desktop Commander Lite product page at RDPSoft. I sincerely hope it makes your life a lot easier.

Andy Milford is the CEO and Founder of RDPSoft, and is a Microsoft MVP in the Enterprise Mobility / Remote Desktop Services area. Prior to starting RDPSoft, Andy was the CEO and Founder of Dorian Software, a log management company acquired by Ipswitch in late 2009. He loves creating easy-to-use yet powerful software solutions for SMBs and emerging enterprise companies.

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Gary Olons

You should receive a knighthood from the Queen for services to sysadmins everywhere.


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